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Linux packages are compiled for CentOS 6.3 and may also work on other Linux distributions.

To install the RPM package:

> sudo rpm -iv djv-1.1.0-Linux-64.rpm

To uninstall the RPM package:

> sudo rpm -e djv-1.1.0-1.x86_64

To install the DEB package:

> sudo dpkg -i djv-1.1.0-Linux-64.deb

To uninstall the DEB package:

> sudo dpkg --remove djv


OS X packages are compiled for OS X 10.7 and are compatible with later OS X versions.

Shell scripts are provided to setup the proper environment and run the DJV applications from a terminal, they are located in the "Contents/Resources/bin" directory. For example if you installed DJV in the "/Applications" directory use this command to run djv_convert:

> /Applications/djv-1.1.0-OSX-64.app/Contents/Resources/bin/djv_convert.sh

You can add an alias in your startup script (eg., $HOME/.profile) to provide a shortcut:

alias djv_convert=/Applications/djv-1.1.0-OSX-64.app/Contents/Resources/bin/djv_convert.sh


Windows packages are compiled for Windows 7.