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Is DJV free?

The DJV source code is covered by an open source BSD style license. This means that DJV is essentially free to use, modify, and distribute. Note however that some of the third party software that DJV depends on may have different licensing requirements. See the legal page for more details.

How do I setup the DJV command line tools?

See the installation instructions.

How do I use a LUT (lookup table) with the DJV viewer?

See the documentation for color and display profiles.

Are 3D LUTs supported?

Unfortunately 3D LUTs are not currently supported.

How can I convert an image sequence to a movie (or vice versa)?

Either the viewer application or command line tools can be used to perform the conversion.

To use the viewer application see the documentation for saving files.

To use the command line tools see the documentation for djv_convert. Here is an example command line:

> djv_convert input.1-100.sgi output.mov

What image and movie file formats are supported?

See the image file formats page.

How can I enable timecode display?

Open the preferences dialog from the "File" menu and click on "Miscellaneous" in the "General" section. Set the time units to "Timecode".